Joyetech eGo AIO eco

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Joyetech comes with another small electronic cigarette for beginners. eGo AIO ECO offers an innovative battery and new type of heating head, making it last much longer than you would expect from similar e-cigarette. Moreover, the AIO ECO is perfectly suited for mouth to lung vaping, providing draw similar to traditional cigarettes. The e-cigarette is also optimized for higher nicotine levels and nicotine salts, making the eGo AIO ECO also a great device for heavier smokers.



The small dimensions feature a 650mAh battery that has a surprisingly low output voltage of 1.85V, which is virtually half of the output of other similar e-cigarettes. Thanks to this, the AIO ECO offers more life for a single charge. Combined with the newly designed BFHN 0.5Ω heating head, you will also enjoy a very pleasant vapor production. Perfectly functional with simple controls, the Joyetech eGo AIO ECO is ideal for beginners who are looking for something simple to replace their classic cigarettes.

Thanks to the AIO (all in one) concept, the clearomizer is integrated directly into the battery, but it is still possible to replace the glass body and the heating head if necessary. The head is screwed directly into the battery. Included in the package are two BFHN 0.5Ω heating heads, which, despite their low resistance, are designed for mouth to lung vaping. The fixed top airflow provides tight and comfortable draw. With its location at the top of the device, it prevents e-liquid leaking.

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